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Welcome to the website of SMG Dialysis Services. The purpose of this site is to provide information about our company, our mission, and to tell you what sets our service apart from those offered by other dialysis companies here in Southern California. This site also features a careers section, detailing how to apply for any available positions in our dialysis services business. If you have any questions about our company visit our contact us page.

Our acute dialysis care teams specialize in the timely delivery of acute dialysis services to hospitals and acute facilities in the Los Angeles and Orange County. We employ a large team of nurses who specialize in providing hemodialysis treatments to acutely-ill hospitalized patients.

Our Company

Since 2001, SMG Dialysis has been providing quality acute dialysis nursing care for our patients. Our company was built on the 35 plus years of experience of our Medical Directors. Our dialysis program grew from a rising demand for dialysis services from hospitals and acute care facilities. We service facilities who outsource their dialysis programs mainly due to the limited patient volumes coupled with a limited supply of experienced registered nurses who specialize in providing dialysis and nephrology nursing care in the region of Southern California.

The landscape of acute dialysis market is dominated by a few larger players who mainly specialize in Chronic Dialysis. We believe that there is a demand for smaller more flexible companies, specializing only in Acute Dialysis and who are willing to compete alongside these larger companies. This is our competitive advantage.

Where other companies often recruit and train dialysis nurses who come from the dialysis clinic setting where patients are generally more stable. Our nurses typically come from an acute background. They are uniquely prepared to perform hemodialysis on more acutely ill patients such as those in intensive care and coronary care units.